Our Story

​Embracing The Healing Power Of Nature

AromaxFarm was founded by Rachel and Kathryn in 2020. They have been registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners for over 10 years. They are passionate in Chinese medicine, herb and aromatherapy. Over 10 years of clinical experience as a CMP, they find that people who suffer from chronic diseases or mood disorders usually work and live under stress. They are witnessing the power of  Chinese medicine or herbs for their patients both physically and spiritually in clinical practice.


Essential oil is the essence of herb which is more familiar in western countries, not until recent years there are more and more attentions in Hong Kong. This trend catches the eye of Kathryn so she started self-learning and taking certificate courses to enhance her knowledge in aromatherapy. On the other side of the world, Rachel is doing her adventure of starting a new life in Europe as well.  Rachel is learning some local wisdom of herbs usage that is uncommon in Hong Kong. She met herbs and essential oil manufacturers in Europe and later on share her exciting finding with Kathryn. After some self-experiments and hands-on experience among family and friends, they decided to share high-quality products to the people in need. They source essential oils and hydrolats worldwide and commit all the products that are natural and harmless.


ArmaxFarm hopes everyone achieves their physical, spiritual and life balance.